How Your CX Listening Mindset Can Make This World a Better Place
Kissing a CactusFebruary 07, 2021x
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How Your CX Listening Mindset Can Make This World a Better Place

As a customer experience professional, you are a connector by nature. You connect your organization, your brand with its customers. You act from a listening mindset: the willingness to listen, even if what you are going to hear might not match your ideas, your values, and beliefs. You know that what you are going to hear might even hurt. Yet, you listen. Because you know that what you are going to hear, will not kill you but will make you stronger. You listen because you know it will help you make the world a better place for your customers and your company.

How about non-commercial organizations like local, regional, national governmental, and semi-governmental bodies? Citizens consider themselves as tax-paying customers of their services. If they are not happy with the service provided, they do not have the alternative option to go somewhere else. They cannot go to a competitor. That makes it even more important to make them feel seen and heard. When citizens feel unheard, their shared sentiment forms a fertile breeding ground for rebellion, revolution, violence, or even anarchy.

Society could benefit from the listening mindset on which CX strategies are built, including Voice of the Customer. Therefore more CX professionals like you should find their way into organizations even more than they already do. In companies and local, regional, national, and international governments and institutions. These are the organizations that often operate at a far distance from their customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your professional listening skills to the next level by using them to infect your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, and your customers with this listening virus?