Hi, I am your podcast host Frans Reichardt.

When I was about 4 years old, my mother found out I was deaf in one ear. I already knew, and I thought everyone could hear with either his right or left ear, just like you write with your right or left hand. Later, I discovered the importance of listening to personal relationships with family and friends. And to business relationships between staff and employees, between teams and within teams, between brands and customers.

I have worked in customer marketing for over 30 years, and I got fascinated by the power of customer feedback and the often-overlooked potential of the voice of the customer.

Today, I am a global speaker on customer experience & listening leadership, also known as The Customer Listener. I love to show my audience why listening is so difficult for many of us and how your organization, your team, and you can take listening to the next level. I love to inspire and motivate professionals like you to listen to the voice of the customer to build extraordinary customer experiences and work towards long-term sustainable customer relationships.

Thank you for listening to KISSING A CACTUS!


PS You can find more about me on fransreichardt.com